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This type of product meets the national provisions of pressure vessel design standard. Our factory has obtained the necessary license of sterilize products and certificate of State Food and Drug Administration. This vertical pressure steam sterilizer is a new type of product from our factory. The product has the safety of structural design, and a simple mode of operation, and all necessary control functions. The product has the safety of structural design, the sterilizer is equipped with interlocking device. The cover is locked when it has pressure in the chamber. No heating after operating mistake. The main part of the sterilizer is made of stainless steel. The product meets the national standard for medical operations. It is a ideal product to sterilizing instrument, dressing, medicine, glassware, culture medium at the medical
health care, universities and colleges, biological research,food and chemical industry.

  1. Parameter / Model    LT-PS75KBS
  2. Volume    30 L/50L/75L
  3. Configuration    auto exhaust
  4. Material    Stainless steel
  5. Gross Weight (Kg)    80/90/100
  6. Packing size (LXWXHmm)    560×590×1410
  7. Sterilization chamber volume
  8. (diameter × height mm)    370×690
  9. Liner (diameter × height mm)/Quantity    Liner×2/335×190(360)
  10. Voltage    220V
  11. The maximum pressure    0.24 Mpa
  12. Power    3.5KW
  13. Time scope    0-99 h
  14. The working temperature    50-138℃
  15. Double scale numerical indication pressure gauge    Yes
  16. Intelligent auto-control sterilization cycle    Yes
  17. Rotary structure of fast openings    Yes
  18. Self inflating type seal    Yes
  19. Safe interlocking control    Yes
  20. Digital lcd display with chinese
  21. characters indicating status    Yes
  22. Water break protecting equipment    Yes
  23. Automatic shutdown with beeps after
  24. sterilization    Yes
  25. Optional printing function    Yes
  26. auto exhaust    Yes
  27. touch operation    Yes
  28. Optional drying
  29. function    No
  30. Is a pressure vessel products
  31. (comply with national content regulations the design and manufacture)    Yes

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