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The excellent radius and dimensional technology blend in with adjustable mixing speed ensure fast and perfect experiment.
3-in-1 format
         Plates                                        Tubes      Vortexing numerous tube formats
  1. PCR plates (skirted, semi-       0.2 ml PCR tubes and PCR strips          skirted, unskirted):
  2. 384 hole PCR plate:                 0.5 ml Micro-test tube     
  3. 96- and 384- deepwell plates:  1.5 ml Micro-test tube     
  4. MTPs,enzyme labeled plate: 2.0 ml Micro-test tube     

Product application:
 Controllable and fast mixing makes good experimental conditions uniformity between the hole and hole / tube and tube. The reproducibility is improved.
  1.   preparation of PCR reaction system
  2.   Precipitation suspension( such as bacteria, DNA, cell culture precipitation )
  3.   Incubation ( ELISA enzyme immunoassay analyzer)
  4.   protein staining quantitative ( such as Bradford, Lowry, BCA )
  5.   report gene assays ( such asĪ²- galactosidase, luciferase analysis )
  6.   premixed reaction system
  7.   mixing various kind of tubes
  1. Model:    LT-M3000 Smart Mixer
  2. Shaking Speed Range:    300-3000 rpm (10rpm step)
  3. Vortex Shaking Speed:    3500 rpm
  4. mixing Time:    1s—99h59min(continuously)
  5. Orbit:    3mm

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