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  • Provide the cost-effective full spectrum ICP-OES
  • Lower using threshold, easily control
  • Build national brand, promote technological progress
  1. 2D Echelle grating spectrometer, Wavelength range: 165-870nm
  2. Small compact desktop design, to ensure a more stable performance
  3. Frequency tuning solid state RF source, provide better analytical methode
  4. Customize back Illuminated anti-blooming CCD and data acquisition system, to achieve lower detection limits
  5. Pricise mass flow control system to ensure a more stable flow path and further improve the analysis accurate and stability
  6. Working methodes managemen system based on ciassification and version. allows users with a better experience and feelings.
  7. Graphical user interface analysis process, improve analisys efficiency, reduce using thereshold.
  8. Multiple interlocks and monitoring to ensure safe reliable operation
  1. Detection Limit: ppb
  2. Stability:  ≤ 1% @2hr (1-10ppm)
  3. Precision: RSD ≤ 1% (1-10ppm
  1. Auto thermostatic 2D Echelle grating spectrometer
  2. Focuse: 380 mmGrating: 52.91 l/mm, with blaze angel 64º, Zerodur
  3. Slit: 50Um, 100 Um
  4. Optical Resolution: 7pm @200nm

  1. Back Illuminated anti-blooming CCD
  2. Onemillion Pixels
  3. Readout noise: 2.0e-rms
  4. Dynamic Range: ≥10º

RF Source

  1. Frequency tuning solid state RF Source
  2. Continuously adjustable output power
  3. Working frequency : 27.12MHz
  4. Power : 700-1600w (Radial view)
  5.               700-1350w (Duo view)
  6. Power stability: ≤0.1%
  7. Frequency stability: ≤0.01%

Weight, Dimension
and Power
  1. Dimension: 935 x 732 x 659 mm
  2. AR Consumption: Intelligent Purge
  3. About 12-14 L/min (normal Operation)
  4. Power: 220 Volt AC ≤4.5kW

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