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Scienovo LT-IC302 DuoView  Ion Chromatography

TR-LT-IC300 Ion Chromatography used a 5.7-inch LCD, advanced big screen technology and accurate temperature control design.And with standard double river road system can realize the anion and cation detection simultaneously, and can be selected many kinds of detector and automatic injection system ,which have a big advantage for the special samples and mass samples . It is suitable for the scientific research, the environmental monitoring, agricultural system water quality inspection and analysis.

Ion chromatographic pumps
  1. Type: Imported high pressure double plunger tandem advection pump
  2. Pump Pressure Range:42 MPa               Flow range:0.001~9.999 mL/min            
  3. Pressure Display Accuracy:≤0.1 MPa      Flow accuracy:RSD < 0.1 %                 
  4. Flow repeatability:RSD≤0.1 %
  • Features: with a chemically inert non-metallic undamped pump head, connecting the PEEK line, suitable for PH0 ~ 14 eluent and inverted organic solvent; has high stability and repeatability.
  • Extended function: has the function of automatic cleaning double plunger pump head; overvoltage protection, working pressure exceeds or falls below the limit pressure automatic alarm and automatically stop the pump, self protection.  
Thermostatic conductance detector
  1. type: pentode type 316 stainless steel passivation electrode conductance pool   
  2. Test mode: Double conductivity detection        Pool volume:≤0.9 μL                            
  3. Resolution: ≤0.0045 ns            
  4. Detection range: 0~30000 μS/cm(10 files available)
  5. Output voltage: -5000~5000 mv       Baseline noise: ≤0.6% FS                          
  6. Baseline drift: ≤±2.0% FS
  7. Range of temperature: Room temperature +5 ℃ to 60 ℃
  8. The precision of temperature control: ±0.01 ℃
  9. Temperature compensation: 1.7 %/℃                           
  10. Maximum operating pressure: 5.0 MPa(750 psi)
Features:unique analog amplification technology, the use of advanced shielding technology and precise temperature control design, which eliminates polarization, the electric double layer and other negative effects, but also improve the stability and accuracy of conductance signals.

Flow system
  1. Plastic flow path : the whole PEEK material
  2. six-way valve: the United States Rheodyne high pressure valve six way valve, pressure 7000psi; a signal automatic collecting and flow function.
  3. Features: high voltage, Naisuan Jian, a 100% organic solvent
Analysis ability
  1. Anion analysis: F-,Cl-,Br-,I-,NO2-,PO43-,NO3-,SO42-,ClO2-,BrO3-,ClO3-and other anions and organic acid analysis
  2. Cation analysis: Li+,Na+,NH4+,K+,Mg2+,Ca2+,Sr2+,Ba2+ cation; Betaine, choline chloride; organic amine analysis
  3. Analysis of reproducibility: ≤1% (SO42-, Na+ meter ) linear range: ≥103
  4. Minimum detectable concentration:≤5×10-4mg/L (Cl-meter ); ≤ 5×10-3mg/L(Na + meter )

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