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TR-SYD-0162 is to determine the basic nitrogen in petroleum products under the control of the computer. It ensures the accuracy of the results by titration curve smoothing and titration end position correction. It is the laboratory, analysis room and petrochemical research departments of the ideal of the necessary instruments.

Main technical features
  1. Windows OS, easy to operate.
  2. High degree of automation, accurate analysis results.
  3. Titration apparatus adopts imported key components(Metrohm).Stable and reliable performance, low noise.
  4. Automatic cleaning, automatic constant liquid.
  5. Automatically determine the end point, without indicator. Suitable for a variety of petrochemical products in the light and dark oil basic nitrogen analysis.The titration results and automatic data storage, automatic printing, and can provide a complete analysis of titration data for use.
  6. Double high impedance input, the electrode potential stability, reliability.
Main technical specifications
  1. Potential measurement range: (0~±1999.5)mV
  2. Electronic unit basic error: 0.1%±0.5mV
  3. Input impedance: Ri≥1×1012Ω
  4. Burette volume: 10ml
  5. Burette accuracy: ±0.1%(F•S)
  6. Titration time: (60±20)S(F•S);
  7. Bias:  ≤5% compared with standard SH/T0162
  8. Precision: Correspond with standard SH/T0162
  9. Power supply: AC(220±10)V,(50±0.5)Hz,300W
  10. Ambient temperature: 10℃~40℃
  11. Relative humidity: ≤85%
  12. Dimension: 260mm×380mm×400mm (PC is not included)
  13. Net weight: 8kg(PC is not included)
No.    Item                                       Unit      Qty
1        PC                                          Set        1
2        Printer                                    Set        1
3       Magnetic stirring apparatus    Set        1
4       W-Line                                   Piece     1
5      231 PH electrode                    Piece      1
6      801 calomel electrode             Piece     1
7      902 platinum electrode           Piece      1
8      Magnetic stirrer                      Piece      2

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